This Girl's Letter To Her Mom's Ex Made His Heart Explode. Yours Will, Too

"I love you so much."

This heartwarming Christmas letter from a 14-year-old girl to her adopted dad is proof that you don't have to be blood to be family.

Imgur user nuthabrickinadawall posted a scan of the letter two days ago, and it's actually the sweetest thing.


"Dear Daddy, Merry Christmas!! I know that this year the divorce was hard on us, but at the same time I feel like it brought you and me closer together. I feel like I could really tell you anything now, and I feel the most relaxed and comfortable when I am at your house. In other words, that's why I usually ask to go to your house after dinner; it helps me to just have a moment to relax and have a loving, reassuring face to make me laugh. I love you so much Daddy!!" the letter reads.

Nuthabrickinadawall wrote on Instagram that the letter hit him especially hard because his wife (and his daughter's biological mom) recently broke his heart and divorced him after he'd been a part of the family for 10 years.

But since he received the letter, he wrote his "heart is exploding with pride and joy."

It's clear that Nuthabrickinadawall and his daughter are going to remain incredibly important parts of each other's lives, despite the divorce. The letter is a beautiful reminder of just how strong father-daughter bonds can be.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

Cover image via We Heart It.

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