This Woman Is A Famous Model, But It's Not Her Face That Brought Her All The Glory

We want her job so bad!

Meet Adele Uddo, a New York City-based model whose client list includes names such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Apple, Burger King and many more.


Apart from world-famous brands, Uddo has worked with celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry ...

Her work has been published in renowned magazines and it is estimated that she makes up to $5,000 a day for print work. Yet, you've probably never seen her face ...

How is that even possible?

It's possible because Adele Uddo is not your usual fashion model. She's a parts model and to those not familiar with what that is, we suggest to keep on reading to find out.

As weird as it might sound, Uddo is not famous for being a model as a whole. Instead, she's well known for her body parts: hands, lips, feet and legs.

Still not getting it? Maybe this example of Uddo's hand gently curled up on Hugh Jackman's cheek will help you.

Uddo says her journey to the fashion world didn't begin as romantically as one could imagine. On the contrary, it was pretty random and unreasonable:

"Some weird old lady named Ruby Flowers, who lives in Arizona and channels angels told me during a phone-in psychic session to get rid of my desk with all its 'negative energy,' start eating more meat, and become a model," Uddo writes on her website.

Sounds like crazy talk, right? But after growing up with her mother on, what Uddo calls, a "manic organic commune" in Northern California — where days were spent running around naked, harvesting veggies and crafting Christmas ornaments from pinecones — Adele was ready to try anything that would let her lead a standard "straight" life.

After spending some time in Taiwan, Uddo returned to Los Angeles hoping to continue her modeling career. But at 5-foot-7, she was too short for the catwalk.

'I arrived with dreams of becoming SOMEBODY. Little did I know, I'd become somebody's body …,' Uddo writes.

So now, this is what most of Uddo's photo shoots look like.

Adele says hand modeling usually falls under two categories: fashion/beauty and commercial. She's lucky enough to be working for both.

'The main factor that distinguishes the good and bad girls of hand modeling is the elegance of the hands. I’m known primarily as a high-end hand, but I’m usually able to swing both ways,' Uddo says.

But don't think this whole thing is a breeze. Adele says her skin and nails have to be in top shape, which is not always easy to do when you have 10 different nail looks in one day. Also, remember, that nails break ...

Check out Uddo's hand model reel below and you'll never look at commercials the same way again.

(H/T: Allure | Forbes)


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