This German 21-Year-Old's Adele Cover Will Keep You Hitting Replay

Your ears will thank you.

The internet is flooding with covers of Adele's "Hello" from singers both amateur and not-so-amateur, but amidst all the heartfelt, home-produced renditions, there are some that are a cut above the rest.

And this cover, by 21-year-old Nicole Cross of Nürnberg, Germany and friend Manuel Weimann, might just be the best of them all.

Cross' powerhouse performance — done in front of a simple backdrop, with just Weimann on the keyboard — grabs you with the first breathy "Hello," and doesn't let you go for the duration of the ballad. You're left transported as she expertly switches between soft, measured moments and the big, commanding melodies that Adele songs are known for.

As commenter VCChannel wrote, "[You're] the reason why YouTube needs a replay button."

Watch Nicole's "Hello" rendition below — and prepare to be amazed at what a 21-year-old can do just with the power of her voice.



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