Watch Adele Help A Gay Couple Get Engaged At Her Concert

So adorable!

An assist from singer Adele resulted in a beautifully timed marriage proposal at a concert on Tuesday night in Copenhagen, Denmark.

André Söderberg, 18, attended the Adele concert with his boyfriend Simon Carlsson, 20, when the singer surprised the couple by inviting them to come onstage with her. Apparently, one of them was wearing a funny pair of Flying Tiger glasses and this caught the Grammy Award-winning artist's attention.


While onstage, Söderberg asked Adele for the microphone and then spoke to his partner.

"To my friend," he said and dropped to one knee.

The crowd went crazy and Carlsson couldn't believe it. He eventually calmed down and accepted the marriage proposal. The audience cheered and even Adele jumped for joy.

It's not the first time that Adele stopped a concert to mark an engagement, but it might be the first time that Adele asked this question to the lucky couple.

"Should I be your surrogate if you have children? I'd love to have a baby with someone Swedish," she said, according to The Daily Mail.

Söderberg spoke to The Evening Standard about the proposal.

"I had been thinking about asking him to marry me, but when Adele invited us to the stage, it just happened. I thought, 'Why not now?' I had a plastic ring on, which we had bought earlier in the day when we were buying costumes, so I took that ring and put it on his finger. What can I say — I just love him so much!"

Cover via Schiller Graphics / Getty Images


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