Adele Went To Adele Impersonator Audition, Skillfully Pulled Off The Scam Of The Year

Meet Jenny.

We all know Adele is an incredibly talented singer and songwriter, but who would've thought that she's an unprecedented master of disguise as well?

The British songstress teamed up with a popular BBC talk show host Graham Norton in hopes of pulling off the scheme of the year — turning into her own doppelgänger. If that sounds a little too "Inception" for you, let us explain.

The prank involved Adele taking part in an audition for her own impersonator. Adorned with a fake nose, fake chin and some unusual makeup, she showed up to the audition as Jenny and had to compete against eight other Adele imitators.

Think anyone noticed? There's only one way to find out...


Check out Adele's prank below:

Adele, Jenny, Sarah, Michael... No matter what name this woman chooses to go by, there's no denying that the power of her voice is elevating and unforgettable. 

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