Adam Savage Is Debunking Some Of Our Country's Biggest Voting Myths

The TV personality partnered with the organization When We All Vote for "some freelance myth-busting."

Former MythBusters co-host Adam Savage is bringing his debunking skills to the political arena. On Monday, the TV personality revealed he'll be deconstructing some common voting myths this week in a series of videos meant to encourage voter registration ahead of the midterm elections.

Savage partnered with voting organization When We All Vote to release the series of short videos. "I'm doing some freelance myth-busting this week to encourage you all to register to vote NOW and then vote in November," he wrote while sharing the first clip.

The first myth he tackled: that voter registration requires a lot of time. "Registering to vote is easy," he said. "You can go to and register to vote in under two minutes flat."


He also suggested an "even easier" way to kickstart the voting registration process via text. "You can text the phrase 'we all vote' with no spaces to 97779," he said.

As Savage pointed out, Tuesday, Oct. 9 marks the deadline for voter registration in 19 different states, including Florida, Arizona, Michigan, Tennessee, and several others. "Please, if you live in one of these states, as a favor to me and your fellow citizens, register to vote and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 6," he said.  

The TV host also released a second myth-busting video online on Tuesday, debunking the idea that students who are away at college can't vote. "If you have not changed your residency, i.e. if it is still at your parents house or where you lived before you went to college, you can, in most states, apply for an absentee ballot," he said.

Savage suggested contacting the election commission in your home state to acquire an absentee ballot, also reminding college students everywhere that time is of the essence as the November midterms draw closer.

As for students who changed their address to the state where they're attending college, Savage reminded them to cast a ballot there. "I will see you at the polls," he said.

What voting myths will Savage bust next? Fans and followers can find out by looking out for more myth-busting videos on his Twitter feed throughout the rest of the week. 


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