Underwater Maternity Photo Shoots Turn These Moms-To-Be Into Surreal Mermaids

They look lighter than feathers.

Ah... pregnancy photos. 

We've all seen some of those cringeworthy shots documenting the miracle of life in the most inappropriate ways possible. But not this time.

South Florida-based photographer Adam Opris turns his models into surreal goddesses by capturing them underwater.


Adam Opris creates ethereal underwater images of moms-to-be.

According to Adam, growing up in South Florida made it natural for him to spend a lot of time by the ocean. "Water has always been second nature for me," Adam told A+. 

After he saw a few underwater photography examples from around the world, Adam realized that bringing this experience to his clients would be once of the best ways to create outstanding images.

Before starting his photo shoots, Adam did a lot of research regarding the safety issues.

Opris found out that it's actually recommended for pregnant women to spend time under water, because it relieves the stress off their backs and joints. 

However, safety remains photographer's number one concern. Adam always aspires to make his model feel calm and stress-free: 

"I make sure they are not underwater for more than a few seconds at a time. I guarantee there is constant communication between each breath-hold and plenty of rest to ensure no stress is put on the mother, or the child," Adam told A+.

"Once I captured my first underwater maternity shoot and realized what a great experience she had, I knew this was something that would be great to offer my new moms."

Adam thinks the most rewarding thing about these photo shoots is the feeling of accomplishment his clients get when they see the results.

"Most of the time they cannot believe they were capable of doing so great and when they see themselves in the photos, I can tell we just created memories that will always be cherished," Opris told A+.

Weightlessness, ability to manipulate hair, light, and poses provide underwater photographers with endless possibilities.

"Being underwater truly gives us the freedom to be in our own fairy tale," Adam told A+.

Adam Opris also shoots underwater brides...


And underwater adults.

To follow Adam's incredible work, visit his website and Facebook page.

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