The NYPD Told A Comedian To Shut The F*ck Up During One Of His Sets

Apparently, it was no laughing matter.

That is one unique heckle.


It was anything but a regular night at the UCB theatre in New York City.

Comedian Adam Newman was on stage performing a set when suddenly there was a disturbance in the audience. Before he knew it, a few NYPD officers were making an arrest inside the club. 

"I have no idea what's happening right now, but you guys couldn't have waited til after my set?" Newman asks the officers.

"Honestly, shut the f*** up," one of them responds.

After that the crowd moved into an uproar and Newman runs with what was one of the most unusual heckels you'll ever seen. Thankfully, he was filming the whole thing for his YouTube channel and you can watch it above. 

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