A 10-Year-Old Battling Cancer Lives Out Her Dream Of Meeting Adam Levine

"She felt incredibly special that night, and still does."

For 10-year-old Addison Crory, going to see Adam Levine in concert was about so much more than music — it was a dream come true.

Addison was diagnosed with high-risk B cell lymphocytic leukemia in January and has been undergoing chemotherapy treatments, her mother Chris, tells A Plus. The treatments have had some "difficult" side effects, but when Addison was offered four tickets to a Maroon 5 concert courtesy of Medic Ambulance, it gave her something to be extra excited about. Addison also decided to bring her friend Melanie, who she met in the oncology ward, to the concert.


"We watch The Voice as a family and Adam has always been Addison's favorite coach," Chris says. "She also loves Maroon 5's music. Addison's not a kid who is gaga over celebrities and doesn't pay much attention to any of that — but The Voice? Well, she loves everything about it and I'd say the show is from where her excitement stems."

Medic Ambulance then suggested that the family create a video to reach out to Levine and see if he would meet Addison. 

"Addison did a couple of practice videos from her hospital bed and said, 'Let's just do it this next time!' and it was done. She was excited and nervous, and really hopeful it would work out," Chris says.

The resulting video features Addison looking directly to a camera, explaining why she loves Levine.

"I can't wait to go to Adam Levine's concert because I'm super excited ... Levine is my favorite coach on The Voice because he makes funny jokes and he always makes me laugh ... because he's just, like, so amazing." 

Chris's friend, Brandy Salazar, then shared the video on Facebook and asked her friends if they had any contacts to help get the video to Levine. Through her work, Salazar got a message from the CEO of Live Nation, who promised to put her in touch with the singer's management company to set up a meet-and-greet, ABC News reports

And it worked!

"I kept it a secret until I knew for certain it was going to happen," Chris says. "Once we knew it was happening, it just grew and exploded and turned into the most amazing experience a little girl could ever dream of."

When asked what their experience meeting Levine was like, Chris describes it as "incredible."

"We were given red carpet treatment and it truly was a once in a lifetime experience ... Addison felt so special — we all did. I can say it still feels surreal. Adam Levine is such a regular guy and he came in super comfortable ... I think that's what stands out the most about Adam and, quite frankly, everyone in Maroon 5 and associated with the band — they were just incredibly kind. Adam sat on the floor in front of the girls [and] he joked with Addison because she was really nervous at first, but he made her feel so comfortable that she just let herself go, and they laughed and joked around."

Chris adds that Adam and the rest of Maroon 5 took the time to sign T-shirts, take photos, and order pizza for Addison and Melaine. In a live video from the experience, viewers can see Addison, her friends, and Maroon 5 all hanging out and conversing, sharing their favorite Maroon 5 songs and talking about the concert to come. 

During the concert, Maroon 5 performed "She Will Be Loved," and Levine dedicated the song to Addison. 

"All I can say is the look on Addison's face was everything I could have hoped to see. Pure joy," Chris says of that moment. "She felt incredibly special that night, and still does."

Photo courtesy Chris Crory

In an update on Facebook since the concert, Chris says that the experience was "a culmination of big hearts and a desire to make our best girl experience something to bring an indescribable joy into her being. It was complete strangers who felt the energy simmering below this effort. It was the excitement of what could be and what could happen."

"This was authentic and pure. It was selfless and joyful. And that is why this happened and worked and filled everyone's bucket who witnessed this. Everyone. It was impossible to not be moved and touched. The gratitude I have for every single person who had a hand in this endeavor is immeasurable," Chris writes.

You can check out more photos from the meet-and-greet below:

Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory
Photo courtesy Chris Crory


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