Adam Levine Said Someone Should Get Engaged. Then This Woman’s Boyfriend Ran To The Stage.

"I couldn’t even have dreamed that up."

On June 14, Jessica Gregory headed to a Maroon 5 concert with her boyfriend, Dennis Foley, and her daughter, Natalie, not knowing that the night would turn into one of her "top 5 nights of all time." 

At one point during the concert, Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine stopped to ask if anyone in the venue wanted to propose, Gregory tells the Sun Herald. The concert was being held at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans with more than 15,000 people in attendance. 


"Adam pretty much said, 'I want to see a proposal,' " Gregory tells A Plus. He also suggested that the proposer didn't have to have a ring. 

"Well, that's when my boyfriend went running up there," Jessica says. "I, on the other hand, didn't hear the part at the time about not having to have a ring ... and knew he didn't because we have been together a long time," she says, explaining that the couple has spoken about getting engaged and married before.

As Foley ran onto the stage, security tried to interfere, but Adam let him come up on stage. 

It was then that Gregory says she feared that they were going to get kicked out. But she headed onto the stage with her daughter and realized a proposal was really happening.

"I then realized I [was] wearing a ring and thought, 'OK, I am going to give this to Dennis just to have something to put on my finger up there,' " she says. 

And with that, Jessica said yes.

"It was a huge big deal for me and Dennis," Gregory says. Plus, a proposal at a Maroon 5 concert was particularly special. 

"I've loved Maroon 5 since middle school. And Adam Levine has been my 'fantasy man' for as long as I've known Dennis and longer ... [Dennis] knows I'm kind of obsessed with him ... so it was such a big deal that he wanted to do that for me in such an epic way so I can be up there with Adam, and to finally propose was just as big of a deal as [meeting Adam]. I mean he was willing to get tackled by security to make my wildest dreams come true and he topped them majorly. I couldn't even have dreamed that up," Gregory tells A Plus. 

Afterward, Maroon 5 played "She Will Be Loved." Gregory says that she and Dennis are celebrating their anniversary this month and will have a daughter together. And Natalie will soon be Dennis' stepdaughter, too. 

As for the ring? "We are also going ring shopping sometime this week ... and I'm pretty stoked I get to help pick it out, honestly," she says. 

Congratulations, Jessica and Dennis! We're certain that this is one concert they'll never forget. You can check out more in the full video above.


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