A 10-Year-Old’s Last-Minute Song Choice Brought This Talent Show Audience To Tears

"He wanted to do something about peace and hope."

What was originally meant to be a simple school talent show performance of John Lennon's "Imagine" by a 10-year-old has, more than 11 million views later, become an internet sensation. Meet the web's newest star: Adam Kornowski.


A Plus spoke to Adam's mom, Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski, who posted the video on Facebook and quickly found that people all around the world were moved by her son's musical abilities. In the two weeks since going live, the clip has garnered 159,000 reactions and 281,000 shares — and those numbers are constantly growing.

"Adam has learned to play piano from his dad," Kornowski explained. "He doesn't really take lessons or have a practice schedule. He plays when he wants — which is pretty much every time he walks by the piano."

Courtesy: Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski

Kornowski said before the performance that Adam was "pretty calm" and "didn't seem nervous." He was cheering the other performers on and, after finishing his own number, seemed to feel good about how it went.

"If you watch the video you can see his hesitation after the bow because I don't know if he knew how to respond to the overwhelming applause and the standing ovation, so he quickly walked off," Kornowski added.

While we're lucky to get to hear Adam's rendition of "Imagine," it turns out that wasn't the original plan. He had recently performed a different song in the fourth-grade talent show — one that he was supposed to sing at the all-school talent show, too, before deciding to go in a different direction.

"He should have played the same song and that's what the handout said he would be doing," Kornowski explained. "But he said he wanted to do 'Imagine' because there was so much conflict in the world. He wanted to do something about peace and hope — and he hoped people would listen."

Courtesy: Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski

Being Adam's mom, Kornowski was always going to be proud of him, but she wasn't expecting her son to evoke and stir emotion as much as he did.

"Even I knew that something very special happened in that room," Kornowski added. "That he felt in a way he hadn't before and that he had touched the audience in a very profound way. When I looked around after he was done and so many people were crying or close, I knew how special it was."

Courtesy: Michelle Cavarnos Kornowski

Though he is just 10 years old, it's obvious that Adam has some real talent with this whole music thing. No matter if he chooses to go after that as a career, Kornowski said it will always be something he keeps close to his heart.

"He is so talented! I think Adam will always play music," Kornowski concluded. "I am not sure if it is something he wants to or will want to pursue as a career. Right now it is something that brings him a lot of joy."

(H/T: CNN)


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