Pro Baseball Player Adam Jones Fights Against Racist Incident With A Passionate Essay To His Son

"Things like that don't belong in the game of baseball."

When it comes to racism in baseball, Adam Jones wants it off the field and away from another love: his 3-year-old son.

In light of a recent event where someone threw a bag of peanuts and yelled a racial slur at Jones –– a center fielder for the Baltimore Orioles –– at Fenway Park, he's fighting back by writing an essay for The Players' Tribune.

Titled "Hate," Jones talks about how he sat down to try to explain the incident to his son as best at he could to a child of such a young age, and some of the racial hatred he and others have experienced in their lives.

"It breaks my heart that he had to find out about hate at 3 years old," he said. "I was lucky enough to be shielded from this stuff for most of my life. Growing up in San Diego, I had White, Black and Latino friends, and I honestly hardly ever thought about race."


Throughout the essay, Jones continues to shut down any opposing reasons as to why anyone has to be racist, and questions what his son will grow up thinking once he gets older and does his own research on what happened to him.

"What is he going to make of all that? Deep down, are people good? Are they bad? How should he see the world?" he said.

Jones' last words on the matter of racist actions and slurs at a baseball game included: "Support your team, boo the opponent, that's baseball," and "Things like that [personal racist attacks] don't belong in the game of baseball."

Watch the video that accompanies the article below:


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