Rebel Wilson And Adam DeVine Won Best Kiss At The MTV Movie Awards, And Then Things Took A Turn For The OMG

So adorable ... sorta.

So, in case you missed it, Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.


The two won for their extremely awkward kiss in Pitch Perfect 2.

Way too much tongue action.

However, upon accepting the award, they really wanted to dispel any rumors that they were interested in each other.

Wilson made sure everyone knew that she was "not aroused by his little cabbage patch face and his tight little bubble butt."

Nope, not one bit.

And DeVine made sure everyone knew that he's not "turned on by those emerald green" — ah f*ck it, who are you kidding, guys? 

Just, go at it, but maybe in a back room next time. 

Good thing for censors.


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