A Former 'American Idol' Contestant Returned With A New Look And Blew The Judges Away

"I have managed to build myself up as a new person, a stronger person."

Singer Ada Vox wowed the American Idol judges on Sunday night with a powerhouse rendition of "House of the Rising Sun" by The Animals. It wasn't Vox's first time on the show — although the 24-year-old drag queen looked a little different back then.


In Season 12, the singer auditioned as Adam Sanders, and made it to the top 50 contestants before being eliminated and later experiencing online bullying. "Through all of the negativity, I have managed to build myself up as a new person, a stronger person," Sanders shared. "I'm so ready to show everybody — to show all of America, to show these judges — who I am now, and I can take anything and everything that comes my way."

The judges were blown away by Vox's strong voice, and were impressed when she demonstrated just how far her range could go. When asked by Katy Perry if she wants to be "a serious pop star," Vox replied, "I'm not here to play with anybody, and I'm here to chase my dreams and make them come true."

Lionel Richie praised Vox for being herself. "What I'm very happy about is that you are owning your talent, you are owning who you are," he shared. "We've had a lot of artists come on here — talented, but a bit confused. What you're giving us right now is a clear understanding of who you are, coming with an amazing amount of talent."

Needless to say, Vox received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

See Ada Vox's audition in the video below:


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