These Actresses Had Some Very Special Dates For The Golden Globes This Year

Activists had a chance to shine on the red carpet.

The women of Hollywood took a stance against sexual harassment at this year's Golden Globe awards, wearing black in solidarity with the Time's Up movement and speaking out on the subject during the event. For eight actresses in particular, it was their dates who caught people's attention.

According to the New York Times, Meryl Streep, Michelle Williams, Emma Watson, Laura Dern, Susan Sarandon, Emma Stone, Shailene Woodley, and Amy Poehler all attended the awards with activists on their arm, as a reminder that the issues so many are fighting to change go far beyond Hollywood.

Streep walked the red carpet with Ai-Jen Poo, director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance; Williams was joined by Tarana Burke, founder of the #MeToo movement; Watson was there with Marai Larasi, the executive director of the British oraganization Imkaan to combat violence against minority women; Dern attended with Mónica Ramírez, a civil rights attorney who advocates for farmworkers; Sarandon was joined by Rosa Clemente, a community organizer drawing attention to the hurricane crisis in Puerto Rico; Emma Stone was there with tennis legend Billie Jean King, whom she portrayed in Battle of the Sexes; Woodley attended with Calina Lawrence, a Native American activist; and Poehler brought Saru Jayaraman, who advocates for restaurant workers.

Together, the actresses and activists posed for pictures, gave red carpet interviews, and shared their support for the Time's Up movement on social media. In a statement released before the awards, the eight activists shared, "Our goal in attending the Golden Globes is to shift the focus back to survivors and on systemic, lasting solutions."

"We all deserve workplaces where we're safe and our work is valued and we can live and work with dignity," Ai-jen Poo said on the red carpet, according to the New York Times. "And we have movement. And we want to say to everyone: They should join us."

The Time's Up initiative, which many Golden Globes guests also supported with special pins, was announced on January 1 in a published letter signed by hundreds of women in the entertainment industry. The movement includes a legal defense fund, which has already raised millions of dollars for survivors of sexual harassment. As seen during Sunday's awards, the fight for women's rights in all industries — which gained momentum last year following allegations against Harvey Weinstein — is showing no signs of stopping.


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