15 Actors Who Have Racked Up The Most On-Screen Deaths

Sean Bean has died 25 times on-screen.

Last year, actor Sean Bean spoke to Larry King about his characters' perpetual death sentences and the fan blog that was created in an effort to stop them. For Game of Thrones fans, Bean's untimely death as Ned Stark was particularly devastating, but he's been killed off more than 20 other times on-screen. 

This got the team over at RouletteOnline thinking about other actors whose characters tend to kick the bucket. So, they put together an infographic that ranks beloved stars by how many times they've died on-screen. Surprisingly, Bean doesn't make the top 5.


"The collection of data was relatively straightforward, with amount of film credits found on IMDB and on-screen deaths on an online index called cinemorgue.wikia.com," a representative from RouletteOnline told A Plus. "[We] then arranged the actors by number of deaths, adding a ratio of how frequently they were killed off in their films." 

The infographic gives a lighthearted overview of the actors who have been given the opportunity to die again and again in their work. These parts are often very meaty and give actors the chance to show off their talent. Plus, it's amazing to see how many films some of these stars have been in. Christopher Lee, who made the top of the list with 50 on-screen fatalities, was featured in 280 films. He also died the most playing the same character considering he reprised his role as Dracula a total of 10 times.

Charlize Theron, who you can catch in her new action flick Atomic Blonde, has racked up 25 on-screen fatalities. The South African actress has died more than any other woman in film. 

To learn more about the actors most likely to meet their untimely demise on-screen, check out the infographic below: 

Cover image via Jaguar PS / Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com


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