The Oscars Are Almost Here, So Obviously It's Time For Actors To Read Mean Tweets

A time-honored tradition.


Sunday is the biggest night in Hollywood, as the Oscars will air on the ABC network and hand out trophies to the best actors, directors, and behind-the-scenes staff in the film industry.

While not everyone loves the Oscars — though there has been more than one reason why some folks might start to re-fall in love with the Academy Awards — we love a new tradition that continues with some of the past, present, and future nominees: reading mean tweets!

Nothing since the Razzies — with celebs in on the joke — has been so hilarious, as this recurring Jimmy Kimmel Live! bit. After all, who wouldn't want to have their looks critiqued, their personalities dissected, and their skills at their chosen craft destroyed on national television? 

Watch the stars play along and read some of the meanest comments they've received in the video above.

Cover image: Jimmy Kimmel Live via YouTube


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