Men Duped Into Acting In 'Drunk Girl Prank' Speak Out

Why, Internet? Why?

Last week, a video circulated the Internet showing "creepy" guys trying to pick up a girl pretending to be drunk in public. 

While the scenes made an important statement about very real safety issues faced by women, creators Stephen Zhang and Seth Leach purposefully left out one very essential, major detail: 

The video was a hoax, and the "creeps" in the video were actually paid actors told they were appearing in a student comedy sketch. 

Now, the misrepresented actors are speaking out. 


"I wouldn't have agreed to it if I knew they were going to make me look like a sexual predator," says actor Josh Blaine. 

According to The Smoking Gun, Leach sent one of the disgruntled actors a Facebook message basically telling him to be thankful for the opportunity.

Here's what Leach's Facebook message allegedly said: "The important thing to consider is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company." 

Unfortunately, the men did not want to "get well known" for being would-be rapists. Now, all the Internet can do for them is spread the word that they were misrepresented and taken advantage of. 

H/T Gawker 


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