We're Not Sure If We Should Laugh Or Be Scared At This Earth Invasion Action Short

It would make a great blockbuster, don't ya think?

Just wow.


K-Cups are those little single-serve pods people use for their coffee and they're super popular. So, what's the big deal? Most of their cups are made from non-recyclable plastics and many of those end up in landfills. Production company Egg Studios made a pretty powerful video highlighting this problem.

Watch the action-packed K-Cup earth invasion below.

We can't feel bad about everything and we can't fix every problem, but this is kind of a big one considering Keurig sold 30 billion cups between January 2014 and September 2014 alone. 

According to Keurig's website, they plan on making 100% of their K-Cup packs recyclable by 2020. We'll be super happy if they do. We guess that's what happens when customers demand green products. 


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