Guy Stages A Fake Action Movie Scene Only To Propose To His Girlfriend

It's a set-up and she has no idea.

Have you ever wondered what proposals in movies would really look like if they weren't scripted?

Look no further. We have you covered.

When Seth McMurry decided to propose to his girlfriend Cymber, he came up with a pretty impressive plan. We're talking helicopters, guns and full-on 007-style action. 

Seth told his girlfriend they were going to be actors in one of his brother's action videos. Then during the last take — unbeknownst to Cymber — he stopped following the scrip and popped the question instead.

No action movie beats this. The tears of happiness are genuine. This proposal is real and it's happening.

The video is called "An Explosive Proposal" and was uploaded to YouTube by Seth himself. 


Congrats, you lovebirds! 

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