Makeup Tutorial Featuring An Acid Attack Victim Teaches How To Get Perfect Red Lips, But It's Way More Important Than Just That

You go, lady.

Meet Reshma.


This 18-year-old from Mumbai became an acid attack victim just last May. She was allegedly attacked by her own brother-in-law. The incident not only left her face disfigured, she also lost her left eye and the right one is partially closed.

Until now she's been undergoing various medical treatments in both Mumbai and outside the city.

"I'm here to teach you how to get perfect red lips," she tells the camera in this makeup tutorial.

"Start with brushing your lips. This removes dead skin and makes your lips rosy," she continues.

Moving on to the second tip.

As Reshma advises, lip balm should never be forgotten. That way your lipstick, once applied over, doesn't dry out. Smart!

Step by step, thanks to a whole bunch of clever tips, she gets this perfect pout look. Well done, lady! The final result is certainly great.

But there's one piece of advice that's way more important than the rest ...

"You'll find a red lipstick easily in the market ... just like concentrated acid," she says.

Meaning, acid is easily accessible for potential criminals. As a result, every single day a woman becomes a victim of an acid attack. Every. Single. Day.

But you — yes, you — can change the situation.

The video comes as a campaign from Make Love Not Scars, an initiative uniting survivors of acid attacks, and asks people to sign a petition to end easy sales of acid in India.

"Join the petition to ban the sale of acid to common people who have no use for it," the petition's website reads.  "Acid does not belong in homes, schools and hospitals. There are various alternative and safer methods to clean your homes and it is time to let our Government know that we will no longer accept easy sale of acid."

You can watch the two videos of the campaign below. They both feature Reshma and her makeup tips.

You can the sign the petition here.

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