21 Photos That Will Make You So Mad You'll Want To Scream

What in the what in the what??

1. No, that's not a baby with a man's head. You're wrong.


2. No, that isn't a picture within a picture. You're wrong.

3. No, that guy does not have a woman's body. You're wrong.

4. No, she doesn't have a hairy man arm. You're wrong.

5. No, that man and woman are not combined. You're wrong.

6. No, this is not another man baby. You're wrong.

7. No, that guy is not hugging a woman. You're wrong.

8. No, that woman isn't giving that guy a piggyback ride. You're wrong.

9. No, that guy is not on his way to his wedding. You're wrong.

10. No, a camel did not have to die for the making of this photo. You're wrong.

11. No, she doesn't have dog legs. You're wrong.

12. No, that girl isn't super sad. You're wrong.

13. No, that baby doesn't have an adult tush. You're wrong.

14. No, that cat doesn't have a huge mouth. You're wrong.

15. No, the woman behind that child doesn't have orangutan arms. You're wrong.

16. No, that girl is not exposed. You're wrong.

17. No, that kid doesn't have a freakishly long arm. You're wrong.

18. No, those legs don't belong to two people at once. You're wrong.

19. No, that kid in the middle does not have really long arms. You're wrong.

20. No, this girl is not carrying the guy. You're wrong.

21. And, for good measure, an Internet classic. (No, that woman is not nekid. You're wrong.)

(H/T: ViralNova, Seenox)

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