These Abridged Cartoons Brilliantly Get Straight To The Point Of Classic Novels

Need we say spoiler alert?

Who needs SparkNotes when you've got these cartoons of classic novels that tell it all? 

Cartoonist John Atkinson abridged classic novels such as Moby Dick and Wuthering Heights to just a few words. His cartoons get at the gist of what these books are really about in text as short as a Tweet. 

"I can't say for certain where the inspiration came from, but I will say that living in a 140-character universe definitely got me thinking about it," Atkinson told A Plus. 

While you may never read Leo Tolstoy's 1,225-page masterpiece War and Peace in its entirety, at least you now know what it's all about: sad people and snow. 

Atkinson told us he plans to add at least one more to the series after reading a few more books. 


For now, check out the abridged classic cartoons he's already drawn:

Check out more of Atkinson's work here

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