9 Shocking Abortion Pill Restrictions That Shouldn't Be Legal But Are


September marks the fifteenth anniversary of the approval for the abortion pill, also known as a medical abortion. Even though more than two million American women have used the abortion pill, many states are creating new laws and restrictions to prohibit it.

"It's safer than penicillin," Dr. Beverly Winikoff of Gynuity Health Projects said about the abortion pill to Buzzfeed. "Insulin is more dangerous. Viagra is more dangerous."

Here are nine ways in which states are restricting women from using the abortion pill today:


1. Georgia woman arrested for taking the abortion pill.

In June 2015, a Georgia woman was arrested on charges of malice murder and possession of a dangerous drug for simply taking the abortion pill.

2. Oklahoma's ridiculous restrictions.

An Oklahoma judge upheld a law that restricted abortion pill usage, which will require women to make multiple visits to doctors.

3. 38 states require a licensed physician.

As of 2015, 38 states say a licensed physician is the only person who can administer the pill.

4. 18 states want the physician to be present.

During the administering of the abortion pill, 18 states want a physician to be present. This makes it very difficult for some women in rural areas who live far away from a clinic.

5. Three states require higher dosage of the medication.

 North Dakota, Ohio, and Texas have laws that the pill must be given before the 50th day of pregnancy, and at the 600-milligram dosage that was originally recommended when the FDA approved the drug in 2000. Those higher dosage could lead to more side effects and might scare some women away.

6. Arizona's scary new law.

Arizona's new law requires doctors to inform women that they can reverse the abortion pill with an  hormone progesterone injection, but there has been no medical study about the injection's side effects.

7. An ultrasound requirement.

Some states, like Texas and Indiana, have ultrasound requirements reserved for both surgical and medication abortions.

8. The hospital roadblock.

Five states demand that providers of medication abortion services have admitting privileges at a local hospital.

9. Mother in jail for helping her daughter.

A Pennsylvania mother is serving a nine to 18 month sentence for buying the abortion pill illegally for her daughter.

(H/T: Buzzfeed)


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