Why Everyone's Talking About This Normal-Looking Newborn Photo Shoot


At Erika and Stephen Jones' routine 30-week ultrasound, they received news that would devastate any parent. In the four weeks since their last ultrasound, their baby girl had developed a noticeable mass on her brain's left hemisphere. It was cancer and it was inoperable.

Although their doctors warned that they might never get to meet her daughter, little Abigail Jones was born Aug. 6, several days ahead of Erika's scheduled C-section.

"Our hearts leapt with joy when a beautiful pink baby girl came out screaming (and pooping!)," Erika wrote in a heartfelt blog post. "She is moving, nursing, squawking, sticking out her tongue, opening her eyes, holding our fingers, and doing all things a baby does."


Further tests after birth confirmed that the tumor could not be treated surgically or through chemotherapy. It was too aggressive and Abigail was too young.

The couple knew that their time was limited with Abigail, so when a neurosurgeon advised them to take her home and "cover her with love," that's just what they did. Abigail now stays at home with her family, cared for with the help of pediatric hospice.

To document their life with her, Erika and Steven reached out to local photographer Mary Huszcza. 

The result was a beautiful series of images that captures the love of a family facing insurmountable odds.

In an email interview with A Plus, Huszcza revealed that she was nervous during the session because she wanted everything to be perfect.

"I wanted to be able to freeze everything for the Jones family so that they'd be able to look back at the images years down the road and remember every detail about their beautiful Abigail with perfect clarity," she wrote.

Luckily, grace came naturally to the little family.

"During the portion with the family they seemed completely unaware of my presence," she told A Plus. "I felt incredibly blessed that I was allowed to be part of such intimate moments."

Abigail continues to far exceed expectations. Her feeding tube has been removed and she's growing, little by little, ABC News reported.

And the family can't help but hope.

Right now, those little gains and little victories mean the world to the Jones family.

"We want to see her laugh, dance, fight with her sister, ride a bike, go to school…we want to see her life," Erika wrote in her blog post.

As for Huszcza, she hopes that people see more in the family's photographs than just a "sad situation."

"I want viewers to see the beauty and hope that abides within grief and sadness," she told A Plus. "I want them to see how beautiful Abigail is and that, despite the unimaginable pain her family is feeling, their faith in her purpose is strong."


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