20 Places From Around The World You've Probably Been Mispronouncing

No, it's not called "Eye-rack."

Many people consider planning a trip half of the fun. Browsing photographs of the places they'll visit, laying out the routes, picking the bars they will eat at and souvenirs they will buy...  But have you ever thought of doing research on how to correctly pronounce the name of your destination?

Most of you probably think "why would I need to do that?" But the line you are looking for is actually "my whole life was a lie." 

Abhisek Das of Thrillophilia, an Indian adventure and travel company, combined a helpful list of places with some of the most commonly mispronounced names. (Barcelona didn't even make the cut!) 

Now, we're not suggesting you need to become that annoying person who exaggerates every foreign word that comes out of their mouth. But this could be a pretty darn good trick to have up your sleeve. Especially when traveling.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Bangkok, Thailand



Yosemite, California


Carnegie Hall, New York


Budapest, Hungary

Beijing, China

Brisbane, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

The Thames, London

Versailles, France

Worcester, Massachusetts

Tijuana, Mexico

Phuket, Thailand


Louisville, Kentucky

Montreal, Canada

Check out the entire list of "32 Places People Have Mispronounced Their Entire Life" by visiting the Thrillophilia website.

(H/T: Thrillophilia ; Demilked)

Cover image: Moyan Brenn/Flickr

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