WOW: These Singing Twins Prove That Talent Definitely Runs In The Family.

Definitely more than twice the talent.

Toronto, Canada's Abby and Sarah Ginsburg are 10 years old and have been singing since they were just four. They probably didn't expect that a video of their cover of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours," uploaded to their YouTube channel last year, would take them all the way to Hollywood, but that's exactly what happened.


It seems a friend of the girls' mother sent the video to "The Ellen Show."

Within just a few weeks, the girls, who described themselves as "best friends" in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, were in Hollywood performing a medley of Sam Smith songs on "The Ellen Show."

Naturally, DeGeneres surprised the twins with some very special gifts: Martin guitars signed by Sam Smith.

In an interview with CJ News, Sarah had some thoughtful words. 

"Just do what you love," she told them. "Do it for yourself and it doesn't matter what other people think – only what you think. Do it while you can – while you love it."

Watch the clip below.

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