Women Respond To The 'A4 Waist Challenge,' And It's Pretty Perfect

"This is how real women use paper."

As if there weren't enough ridiculous media trends promoting unrealistic beauty standards for women around the world, a new one started in China just last month — the #A4waist challenge.

The challenge encourages girls and women to take photos behind an A4 piece of paper to show their waist is narrower than the 8.27 inch sheet. People then upload the photos to their social media accounts as proof.


Why is this a thing?!

Fortunately, some people decided to take a stand against this ridiculous challenge by responding to it directly with their own photos with paper. 

Scroll down to see some our favorite responses. 

"My thoughts on the #A4waist challenge."

"I gave it a go."

"Omg I keep finding more pieces of paper I can hide my waist behind. Here's some old scrap of paper I found hiding in the back of my closet."

"Hey look my waist can fit behind a piece of paper too!"

"More like #A4waste."

"This is how real women use paper."

Women don't need to prove anything to anyone when it comes to their looks and bodies.

Nailed it.


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