This Is The Ultimate Wine Glass, When You See It You'll Understand Why


Meet the Saturn Wine Glass, a wine glass that won't tip over no matter how blitzed you get. (Well, within reason.)


It was created by two-man San Francisco design team SUPERDUPERSTUDIO.

Designers Christopher Yamane and Matthew Johnson spent 4 years researching the necessary techniques to produce a sleek, lightweight, spill-proof glass.

"These spacey glasses are our reimagination of a traditional italian glassblowing technique, which we appropriated to prevent messy spills and stains," they write on their website.

Chris, who began blowing glass 8 years ago, has studied with some of the top glass artisans in the country.

"To prepare the material for each cup, the molten glass is shaped by hand before being blown into a mold by glass artisans in Oakland, California," they explain.

"Each glass is then annealed overnight (a process which cools the glass slowly to relieve material stresses), cut, and polished by hand."

Watch the video below to see more.

SUPERDUPERSTUDIO will be releasing these glasses shortly, at a cost of $52 per. You can pre-order them on this site.

You can also learn more about them on Dezeen and Food & Wine.

And check out more creations by SUPERDUPERSTUDIO on their website.

Be sure to share this with anyone you know who is either (a) clumsy (b) enjoys wine, or (c) both. 


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