These Bouncy Castles Are Built For Weddings So Your Inner Child Can Party Too

Bouncing into the next chapter of life.

Weddings have all sorts of entertainment to go along with them: there's music and dancing, speeches and toasts, dinners and drinks — but you're probably not familiar with wedding bouncy castles, a unique feature created by a company called A Wedding Wonderland.

This family-owned and operated business helps clients with everything from photo walls to custom decorations, but their biggest selling point (for us, at least) is their wedding bouncy castles that look like the ones from our childhood, but much fancier.  The bouncy castles are "beautifully decorated to a design of your choice," it says on the A Wedding Wonderland's website. "These castles provide hours of fun for adults and children while also providing a quirky backdrop for wedding photos."

The giant houses are all off-white, with various decorations as options: green floral arrangements across the top, elegant white curtains, and hanging fans, for example.

"The best and safest location to set up an inflatable would be an open and level grassy area, away from power lines and other obstacles; but we can set up on any level surface if required," the company adds regarding the set-up.


In photos featuring the bouncy castles, guests of all ages can be seen jumping inside, and let's just say, we want an invite.

Check out more below:

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