A Texas Man Bought Pizza For A Group Of Undocumented Immigrants Discovered In A Tractor-Trailer

"I assumed they were hungry and hadn’t been fed so I decided to get them food."

When a a tow truck driver in San Antonio, Texas learned that a group of 54 undocumented immigrants had been discovered in a tractor-trailer, he did what he could.

On Tuesday night, as reported by CNN, Armando Colunga was watching local news coverage of the authorities finding a group of undocumented immigrants in the back of the tractor-trailer. As he watched the group huddled together on the ground, Colunga felt compelled to act. 

"I could see they only had water and didn't know how long they had been there before they were found. I assumed they were hungry and hadn't been fed so I decided to get them food," Colunga told Telemundo San Antonio, per NBC.

So he hopped in his tow truck and brought the group seven pizzas.

Once he arrived at the scene, two detectives walked him past the yellow crime tape and he was able to pass out the pizzas. 

According to The New York Times, the immigrants in the tractor-trailer were from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Brazil, and have since been detained.

Cover image via Africa Studio/ Shutterstock.


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