Why The 'A' In A Plus Is Temporarily Missing

A Plus is proud to take part in the American Red Cross' #MissingTypes campaign.

Here at A Plus, the importance of regular blood donation has long been an issue that's close to our hearts. Per the American Red Cross, the worldwide blood donor base is shrinking, meaning that it's more crucial than ever to make a habit of giving blood — particularly if your blood type is A, B, or O.

Today, inspired by the success of a past endeavor from across the pond, the American Red Cross launched its #MissingTypes campaign, in which organizations are dropping the letters A, B, and O in their logos to call attention for the need for A, B, and O blood.


 A Plus is proud to announce that for the week of June 11 to June 17 we've shaded out the "A" in our logo, as well, in an effort to drive awareness and encourage more people to donate life-saving blood. We will also be publishing stories throughout the week on Aplus.com highlighting the work of the American Red Cross.

It's hard to imagine A Plus without its A — but then, it's hard to imagine the world without A blood types, too.

A Plus' new (temporary) logo.

"Every day thousands of patients across the United States rely on generous blood donors for critical blood transfusions," Gail McGovern, president and CEO of the Red Cross, said in a press release announcing the campaign. "However, we have seen a troubling decline in the number of new blood donors. We urge the public to roll up a sleeve and fill the missing types before these lifesaving letters go missing from hospital shelves."

To join the #MissingTypes movement, consider making an appointment at your local center to give blood. Per the American Red Cross, all blood types are needed, including A, B, and O.

Cover image: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com


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