A Plus Heads To Green Fashion Week To See The Latest Eco-Friendly Styles

A Plus had a great time at the show.

On March 31, I attended designer Jeff Garner's show at the fifth edition of Green Fashion Week  — a week dedicated to showcasing only brands that employ sustainable production methods, with an aim to reconcile "sustainability with the fashion industry, ethics and responsibility with beauty, luxury and comfort with style and elegance," according to a press release. Seeing as how ethical fashion is pretty much my fav, I was jazzed for the show, to say the least. 

Garner would be showing off looks from his Nashville-based brand Prophetik in a Beverly Hills villa that looked like it was made for royalty. Upon arriving, crew members hustled and bustled about preparing the runway through the living room and courtyard, setting up lighting, and getting the models prepped for the show. Champagne flowed as the rooms began to fill with models, designers, people from the Hollywood film and music industries, and international bloggers and reporters. A classical ensemble played as we munched on cantaloupe and cheeses.  


Outside, Garner spoke to reporters about why sustainable fashion is important to him. Beside him, a woman modeling one his dresses, sat elegantly on a white horse, adding to the fairy tale ambiance. 

The room began to quiet and the show began. On a second-floor indoor balcony, a violinist dressed in costume began to play. The band joined as models strutted down the runway. Each luxury look shown was made from all sustainable fabrics, "meaning natural unbleached fibers of flax, hemp, silk, peace silk, seaweed, cactus silk, hand loomed Dupioni Silk and Chiffon, etc.," according to the Prophetik website. 

"The dyes are plant and earth-based, produced using leaves, bark, plants, and roots sourced from local community garden and farms. This allows the brand to create beautiful gradients of natural color without the harmful chemicals." 

Photo via Sarah Barness 

Garner — who has designed for such celebrities as Gisele Bündchen, Miley Cyrus, Livia Firth, Amy Grant, Sheryl Crow, the Jonas Brothers, Barry Manilow, Julia Styles, and Cameron Diaz — often speaks at universities about why sustainability in fashion and lifestyle is so important. 

"Fashion is sold on beauty … the fabric … the color … the model … the sex," he says. "Little emphasis is placed on the manufacturing and composition of the garments. The pretty damsel enters a room and eyes focus. There is no voice or whit to take on the blindness of beauty. It is a both a blessing and a curse. So how can beauty of this magical enticement lend a hand to decimating our lands and our bodies? The wool must be lifted from these eyes of adornment so wisdom can once more guide our ways to protect the very heart of our being both in nature and physical. There is no mistake in our universal truisms that something so beautiful can also be so deadly in its dazzling glory."

Photo via Sarah Barness 

The show ended with a celebratory shot of the models in their Green Fashion Week T-shirts. The event was great fun, and also a way to spark conversations about the importance of ethical fashion, and how to get more brands to agree to meet the goals signed by 193 ONU's member states with the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.  

Other brands showing at Green Fashion Week, March 30 to April 5, include: Orushka, Krie Design, Auria, Lovia, and Kromagnon. We can't wait to see what comes out of the rest of the shows! 

Photo via Sarah Barness 


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