The Way This Paraplegic Groom Surprised His Bride For Their First Dance Will Leave You In Tears

Tears, everywhere.

Michelle now-Johnson is a wedding planner, but something happened on her wedding day that she wasn't expecting. 

Her husband Joey, otherwise known as Sgt. Joey Johnson, became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident. According to ABC news, he rode the bike to cope with PTSD after serving in Afghanistan. 

Although confined to a wheelchair, Joey wanted to surprise Michelle on their wedding day by standing for their first dance, so he and some friends built a pulley system that lifted him to his feet. 

During the reception, Michelle's mother and mother-in-law told her to take a break in the bridal suite after cutting the cake. When she returned, Joey was waiting for her, standing on the dance floor, with his military groomsmen holding him up.

"When Michelle walked in the whole room was quiet, she had no idea what was going on. She saw Joey standing and she had a giant smile on her face which quickly turned to tears. Everyone was in tears," said Jennifer Davis of LinneaLiz Photography.

And now so are we.


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