At First, These Men Don't See Themselves As Feminists. Then They Realize What It Means.

"I'm a little afraid to admit, you sound a bit like a feminist."

Recently, Upworthy took to the streets to ask men two questions: "When you hear the term 'feminism,' what do you think of?" and "Would you call yourself a feminist?"

To start with, here are some of the first things that come to their minds when they hear the term feminism:


1. "Women's rights."

2. "That women should get equal pay for equal jobs."

3. "Women need to be equal for the things they do for this society."

4. "Someone who's pro equality, pro women's rights, pro women's control over their own bodies, medical care, that sort of thing."

Despite their answers, when asked if they considered themselves feminists, the men say no.

The interviewer goes on to remind everyone that being a feminist means knowing that everyone should have equal rights and supporting equal treatment in society. 

"Is that something you would be down for?" the interviewer says in the video.

And then it clicks.

"Yea, if that was a true definition for feminists... I'll be a feminist, because I have strong beliefs about everyone being equal," says one man.

Finally everyone else in the video seems to realize they're a feminist too, and "it's cool with me," someone says.

Well there you go.

(H/T: Upworthy)


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