A Kind Patron Made Sure That This Waiter Could Return Home For The Holidays

"Truly blessed."

It is often said that you should tip about 20 percent at a restaurant, but try telling that to a generous restaurant patron who left a tip of more than 600 percent to a waiter who needed it.

22-year-old Ben Millar was waiting tables at a restaurant in Texas on Saturday when he spoke with a customer named Jeffrey. Millar, who is originally from Ireland, told Jeffrey that he wished that he could return home one day to see his family.

After the bill came to $122, Jeffery left a $750 tip. On the receipt, he wrote a special message to Millar.

"Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays," he wrote.

Millar will reportedly save the $750 until his pregnant girlfriend, 21-year-old Taryn Keith, gives birth to their first child, Killian, so that they can meet his family in Ireland. Keith, who is also a restaurant server, shared a photo of the receipt on Sunday.

"I was just tired of seeing all of the negativity and hate so I decided to post something positive for a change," Keith wrote to A Plus.

As of Wednesday, the Facebook post has received over 1,700 likes.


Keith told A Plus that she's been overjoyed by the public reaction to the story. As for Millar, he hopes that he can return the favor one day.

"I also hope I can reach out to Jeffrey so he knows how much I appreciate it," Millar told ABC News. "It means a lot to me, but more to my family back home who will benefit from seeing me again since almost two years."


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