A Cop Almost Ticketed Him For Jumping A Turnstile, Then He Hooked Him Up With A Job

This guy's infraction turned into a stroke of good luck.

Christopher D'Onofrio is a police officer on the job with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, patrolling subways and train stations throughout New York City's sprawling public transportation system. 

As an MTA officer, D'Onofrio can expect to see any and everything while on patrol, but when he saw Sangeeth Wijesinghe jump a turnstile at a Staten Island station, he looked past the offense and saw a man who needed help.

As it turns out, Wijesinghe was down on his luck and only had enough fare to pay for his wife. When D'Onofrio listened to his story, he decided to do something that we think you'll agree went above and beyond the call of duty.


Watch Officer D'Onofrio tell his story here.

Now that's what it means to protect and serve.

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