The Adorable Reason Why Britney Spears Songs Brought This 40-Year-Old Man To Tears

Happy 40th, Corey!

Corey Turner recently turned 40.  So he had a little get together to celebrate the big milestone.


It seems like a normal night out but then all of a sudden, the voice of a legend (Britney Spears) blasts through the speakers and some woman just busts out of nowhere and starts dancing in the middle of the room. 

She's the first member of what will gradually grow into an awesome flash mob. 

Turner's response is hilarious because it's really obvious that he would love to hop in the middle of the floor and join the mob. 

We think Brit would be seriously honored to be a part of Turner's birthday — even just in spirit. 

Watch the full video to see just how thrilled this Britney fan is when his friends give him the greatest birthday gift of his life:


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