A 9-Year-Old Entrepreneur Was Robbed. Then Lowe's Employees Surprised Him With A Gift.

He started a lemonade stand to fund his lawn mowing company.

A resilient North Carolina boy did not lose his entrepreneurial spirit even after a scary encounter.

As reported by a local ABC affiliate, Mark David, 9, decided to set up a lemonade stand in his neighborhood so that he could raise money to buy a lawn mower. His goal was to start a lawn mowing business in his community.

However, after setting up his stand and making a few sales, David was robbed by a teenager. "I opened the box, he grabbed it, [pointed] the gun at me and ran away," David told ABC 11 News.


Per WSV News, Union County spokesman Tony Underwood said that about $20 was stolen by the unknown suspect. However, the news of David's story went viral and caught the attention of employees at Lowe's.

David continued to sell lemonade after the attack, and one day he got a huge surprise.

A video shows Lowe's employees surprising David with his own lawn mower and the gear to go with it.

"It's pretty cool what you're trying to do at such a young age, and tell you what, it's pretty awesome to be a part of it," Lowe's store manager Chris Beatty tells David in the video.
Watch the video below to see David's reaction. 


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