This Calendar Reveals The Sense Of Style Behind Every Each Zodiac Sign

Which sign wore it better?

Where do you get your style inspiration from? Is it street fashion, Film Noir or perhaps all those Pinterest boards you check daily? Chances are it's a combination of all three. 

But here's another question for you. Have you ever considered that your fashion sense might be influenced by your zodiac sign? Because that's what Tejal Patni, a Dubai-based fashion photographer, ponders with his latest work. 

Recently Patni teamed up with Splash Fashions to release a calendar for 2015 titled "In Love With Fashion." The calendar features all 12 signs of the zodiac and includes a photo and a short description portraying dominant traits linked to each sign. 

"It's not unknown that individual style is ruled by powerful star signs, so this 2015 the Splash Calendar blends the world of the celestial and fashion, " Patni explains on his Behance profile.

Take Virgo as an example. As Patni points out, Virgo is portrayed wearing floral patterns that symbolize being "faithful, sensual and loving," characteristics typically associated with the sign. Perhaps this will give you a little inspiration for your next go-to outfit.

Now, how accurately does the calendar portray you and your own zodiac sign?  



"Structure loving, elegant and intuitively stylish Capricorns are unsympathetic to just one thing: fashion faux pas."


"Detached from convention, flamboyant but freethinking Aquarians, create ripples with their unpredictable style."


"In a sea of chic, the idealistic Pisceans swim in fashion currents without letting go of their sensitivity for style."


"Impulsive yet stylishly opinionated, fiery Arians are headstrong about accomplishing their mighty ambition: grab all eyeballs."



"As the most versatile dressers with oodles of experimental style, astute looking Geminis are common targets of the 'double take'."


"Lovers of comfort and creativity, spontaneous and sensitive Cancers wear their stylish wardrobes as their protective shell."


"Majestically glamorous Leos with their imposing individualistic style and ambition for free-flowing fabrics naturally command attention."


"Purveyors of the puritan style and loyal to everything in vogue, minimalistic loving Virgos are irrational only about perfection."


"Ironically, refined and modish Librans can be so indecisive, only they can achieve the perfect balance in style."


"Sexy, seductive and sensual Scorpions maybe passionate about black and red but will never reveal their true style secrets."


"Adventurous and extrovertly trendy, you can expect fashionably flexible Sagittarians to the nail the bull's eye of style."

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