17 Times Xenia's Hair Completely Ignored Gravity

It's just gonna do its thing.

Swiss-Italian supermodel Xenia Tchoumitcheva leads a pretty busy life, considering her success as a fashion blogger, online businesswoman and speaker. Yet somehow, she manages to get her hair to defy the forces of nature and look unreal most of the time.

Here are some moments when Xenia's hair looked like it was living in its own glorious world, even when she was busy casually being an entrepreneur and icon.


1. On a casual morning run.

2. By the sea.

3. On the red carpet.

4. By the pool.

5. With the waves.

6. With a friend.

7. Even when it pretends to be messy.

8. By the slopes.

9. Even when it's blonde.

10. When it's perfectly split.

11. Or along the coast.

12. Wind and waves won't knock it down.

13. It just goes with the flow.

14. And is always ready for a selfie.

15. Always.

16. When it dances with any pattern.

17. Yep, that hair's not coming down any time soon.

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