Twitter Hashtag #WhileBlack Calls Out Everyday Racism In America

One police officer was reported to his colleagues for using a flashlight.

In recent weeks, headlines have swirled with people of color being arrested for doing ordinary day-to-day tasks. But even before major news outlets stepped up their reporting on the issue, people of color were combating racism, discrimination and microaggressions.

Take, for a example, a group of friends who were playing golf and had the cops called on them for "walking too slow," or the two men at a Philadelphia Starbucks who were escorted out by officers because they were "waiting on a friend." A Black college student at Yale even had the cops called on her because she was "sleeping" in the dormitory common area after studying for an exam. 

A new hashtag, begun by activist and Mic contributor Brittany Packnett, brings even more light to the issue, by allowing people of color to share their own unique experiences of encountering suspicion or apparent discrimination #WhileBlack and doing ordinary things.


Cover image via  astarot / Shutterstock.


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