This Is Where You'll Meet Your Better Half And It's Not On Tinder, Research Says


In our recent article This Is How Dating In 2015 Will Look Like, we talked about the sexiest accents, careers that are in demand in the dating market and the average number of dates people go on before sleeping with someone.

Now another study, this time carried out by Mic, reveals some unexpected facts about the way most people meet their better halves. Mic surveyed more than 2300 people using Google Chrome CostumerSurveys and asked two very straightforward questions:

1. How did you meet your current significant other?
2. How did your current relationship start?

The results are nothing like what we expected them to be. Scroll down to see what the study found out.


Surprisingly, just a small proportion of people met their significant other thanks to a dating website or an app.

Given the digital world that we live in today, it does come as a surprise that only 9.4 percent of people actually met their current partner either on a dating website or an app. 

Well, that's bizarre. If not on Tinder then where?

17.9 percent of respondents said they met their current partner through work.

Meaning, a modest proportion of folks did have some success with all that flirting next to the coffee machine.

Only one out of five met their better half in a social setting.

According to Mic's survey, 22.3 percent of people met their partners in a social setting, be it on their way to work or, as in Nicole Richie's case, at a club. If you are still waiting for that special someone, you might be better off looking somewhere other than at your local bar. After all, 22.3 percent is still not that much.

So if not on Tinder, at work or in a social setting, where the heck do people meet their significant others?

Looks like you're statistically most likely to be introduced to that special someone by your mutual friends.

You read that right. A whopping 38.9 percent of all people surveyed met their partners through mutual friends. 

When you think about it, in some cases your buddies might know you better than you know yourself. Plus, if you like your friends, chances are their friends will be cool too. 

Your BFFs haven't introduced you to that Mister or Miss Perfect just yet?

Well, almost 40 percent of people were platonic friends first before taking it to another level.

So perhaps you met your better half already and you just don't know it yet.

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(H/T: Mic)


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