'The Walking Dead' Makeup Artist Shows How Creepy, Yet Fascinating Zombies Are Actually Created

Equally fascinating and gross.

If there's one thing that we love about "The Walking Dead," it has to be how realistic all the zombies look. Sure, they are absolutely gross. But they are equally fascinating.

Greg Nicotero, a special effects makeup artist, let Variety magazine take a tour around his makeup studio and in a four-minute video revealed how those freakish grins are really made.


Yep. Creepy!

"One of the signature things in 'The Walking Dead' are the teeth," explains Nicotero. "For every character that we do, we make custom dentures."

"The more you expose their teeth, the more threatening they look."

"This cable right here operates the up-and-down."

Whoa. We're getting chills already.

Watch the entire video below.

As YouTube user caKe Face points out, this is so not a place where you'd want to hang out at night, right?

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(H/T: Konbini)


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