The Town Looked Up In Awe At The Lava Bombs, Then Got The Heck Out Of There

It's not everyday you see such a powerful expression of nature.

Stratovolcanoes might be the most beautiful looking type of volcanoes, but they're also the deadliest. 


Villarricca volcano is located in southern Chile and sits above a town of the same name. 

The volcano is also known as "House of Spirits." Apt name considering it's one of the country's most active volcanoes. 

It's also one of the only volcanoes in the world to have a molten lava lake nestled within its crater.

Hot volcanic airborne fragments and lava bombs aren't the only havoc this volcano causes. Town residents also watch for mud flows from the mountain, brought on by melting snow and heavy rains. 

Watch the latest eruption from Villaricca volcano that caused thousands to look up in awe... and then immediately evacuate.

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