Do You Know Your Child Better Than Anyone? These Moms Didn’t, And The Reason Why Is Heartbreaking.

One video, two heartbreaks.

As any working mom can tell you, it can be very tough to balance required duties, providing for your children and actually spending a meaningful amount of time with them.


Out of necessity and usually at a cost of great personal anguish, many families hire domestic caregivers to ensure that a parent's career never leaves a child without proper supervision, guidance and care. 

In Singapore, a staggering 4 percent of the population are foreigners who work as nannies in the homes of others, providing care to children. Even more shockingly, 40 percent of these workers are not given a single day off, despite their legal right to one. 

In an effort to highlight how much time these workers spend with the children, a group called Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) made a video for their #IGiveADayOff campaign to show how dedicated these workers are to their employers' children, but that they do need a break.

Upon getting asked simple questions about the kids, such as best friend’s name or favorite subject in school, 74 percent of the nannies were able to give more correct answers than the parent.

This might not be too surprising, given that someone who has a 24/7 schedule to be with the child is bound to have more opportunities for the bonding moments where that information is shared.

Even when one mom was quickly able to give the correct answer, the nanny demonstrated a better understanding of the child's feelings.

The video is not meant to shame the mothers and families who depend on nannies for childcare, but to point out the win-win situation of giving these workers the time off they are legally entitled to. While the nannies are able to take some time for personal errands or interests, it will allow parents time to reconnect with their children.

This probably doesn't paint the entire picture of what happens in these homes, but it does spark a good discussion of how much parenting is being contracted out today in Singapore but in the U.S. as well. As many as 1 million homes in the United States rely on nannies for childcare, and while labor laws might be enforced better here, the conversation of quality of relationships the children have with their nannies versus the parents remains the same.

Check out the entire video here:


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