He's Made Videos Covering So Many Artists, But He's Never Taken On This Queen. Until Now.

We can't look away.

Todrick Hall is at it again. 

You might remember him from his magical collaboration with Shoshana Bean in their mash up entitled "90s Disney," but he has now taken on the challenge of covering the queen herself: 



Hall was a finalist on American Idol but has since made an even bigger name for himself through his mesmerizing YouTube videos that involve detailed choreography, flawless editing and a clear vision of exactly how his work will stand out. 

Oh yeah and his voice is as beautiful as it gets.

In this particular video Hall sings all five Beyoncé albums in four minutes flat. That's more than 70 songs. 

Hall posted a little message about it on YouTube below his video: 

This took four single take performances of memorizing four different sets of lyrics & choreography (ironically this was filmed in four hours), and is exactly four minutes in length because of Beyonce's connection to the number 4…. Let's just hope it gets 4 Million views in the next 4 days lol. I am so excited to share this with the Bey Hive.

This tribute is particularly sweet because Beyoncé and Jay-Z have noticed and expressed a significance surrounding the number in their lives. In fact, Bey decided to title her fourth studio album "4" as another way of highlighting how meaningful it's been to her and her family. 

As irresistible as his videos are, something tells us we're about to become even more addicted to this guy. His docu-series "Todrick" is set to premiere this summer on MTV and will invite viewers into his exciting process. 

While Hall is certainly the voice, the face, (and, in this case, all three of the backup dancers) of his videos, the show will also feature his creative collaborators who are "unwilling to wait for Hollywood to make them stars." 

Watch his masterpiece below and try not to fall in love with him:


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