Gynecological Exams In 1895 Will Make You Glad For Modern Healthcare

Be glad you live in 2015.

As women's health continues to be discussed in politics, there is one thing we can all agree on — at least it isn't 1895 anymore.

As a series of diagrams from doctor Thure Brandt's "The physiotherapy in gynecology and the mechanical treatment of diseases of the uterus and its appendages" shows, gynecology today is nothing like it was years ago. 

"Brandt began treating women in 1861, combining massage, stretching, and general exercise as a form of treating gynecological conditions," the Public Domain Review said

Most bizarre about the pictures, though, aside from the unhelpful and strange gynecology exercises, is that the characters appear to be "Grey Aliens," the popular depiction of extraterrestrial life that only came to be 60 years after the drawings were created. 


Here are a sampling of the photographs:

This diagram requires the woman to hold an object while receiving a massage.

Still trying to figure this one out...

Another curious diagram seems to show that cracking the back might help.

Here, a woman is instructed to put her knees on a pillow while the doctor rocks her back and forth.

Again, not really sure what is happening here.

Stand straight, arch your back, stretch and spin your thighs.

Finally, it appears the gynecologist has found the woman's vagina.

Now, there seems to be a third party involved.

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