This French Artist Uses The Sky As Canvas To Create Brilliant Cartoons

Pretty clever.

When Thomas Lamadieu, a French graffiti artist turned cartoonist, looks up at the sky, he sees unexpected, imaginary worlds. 

Then he makes them real.

Lamadieu snaps photos of the sky to use as canvases and fills them with enigmatic creatures and scenes to create "sky art." 

Scroll down to see where Lamadieu's imagination takes him.


"[Sky] makes me want to draw," Lamadieu told A Plus.

"Avignon, my hometown in France, inspires me a lot, because I love architecture."

"But then again, I was also very much inspired after seeing the big skyscrapers of New York and Hong Kong. They were not something I was familiar with before."

Pretty clever.

As Lamadieu explained to A Plus, he originally came up with the idea back in 2010...

...when he looked up to the sky and saw electric wires that reminded him of a rabbit.

Our imagination is capable of creating some beautiful things, right?

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