Brave Ladies Posed For This Empowering Photoshoot, But It Certainly Didn't Mean They Were Saying 'Yes'

Girl power at it's finest.

The statistics are shocking. 65 percent of American women have been verbally or physically harassed in public, according to a national study by nonprofit Stop Street Harassment. And things are not much different across the pond. 

A 2012 survey by the End Violence Against Women Coalition found that 43 percent of young London women had experienced public sexual harassment in the past year.

"There's a myth that surrounds women, a myth that embroils them: women who dress or behave suggestively, women who are playful or who act provocatively, women who flirt or openly discuss sex – they're 'asking for it,'"  Rape Crisis London's #ThisDoesntMeanYes campaign said in a press release. "It's an insidious fable, and it needs to stop."

The campaign partnered with PEROU, a fashion photographer based in the U.K., to snap photos of 200 women "capturing and empowering each individual in a composition that each felt natural to them."

The ladies might be wearing short skirts, bright lipstick colors or whatever they feel like, but that doesn't mean they're saying "yes." What someone wears or how someone looks is never a nonverbal license for harassment. And that's the point the campaign is driving home.

Scroll down to see a bunch of ladies absolutely owning it.


The #ThisDoesntMeanYes movement has spread rapidly.

Ladies around the world are taking a stand using the hashtag.

"Flashing some boobs or a bit of leg is not a 'yes.' A kiss in the club is not a 'yes.' Accepting a drink is not a 'yes.' Giving you my number is not a 'yes.' Being fall down drunk is not a 'yes.' Sharing a taxi home is not a "yes." A movie night is not a 'yes.' The only 'yes'' is 'yes.' One in five women are sexually assaulted before they reach 40 years old. This is outrageous. If you can pour a bucket of iced water over your head, surely you can post a picture of yourself feeling empowered with what a 'yes' really is," said Instagram user rmiddleton92 on Instagram.

You rock, girls!

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